I would like to take this opportunity on “Teacher Appreciation Day” to thank you for taking such a good care of our daughter Kenza. We can see she came a long way since she started regarding adapting with the new environment. Your support and hard work helped her a lot. Every now and then she surprises us with the activities she learned in the centre. We are very impressed with her record book and all the effort Miss Jodi put it with the reference. This is a very good way to track her progress also will be a good memorabilia for us to keep. It gives us the peace of mind knowing our daughter is in good hand.  I would also like to thank you for helping Kenza with the art work she prepared for us on special occasion like Mother’s day and Father’s day. Please keep up with the good work.
Thanks again, Kabir Family

I believe it is really important for the children to feel safe and happy where they spend a great deal of their time. I know that's how Marcell feels and it is such a joy for us to see how much he learns from you all. Your job is the most important of all and I'm grateful that Marcell is surrounded by such a lovely and caring people. Thank you!!
Horvath Family

Its hard leaving our little girl and having to go to work. But knowing that we have such wonderful carers looking after and protecting chelsea makes the task alot less stressful. Chelsea especially loves Miss Jodie and Miss Luana, everytime she sees them in the morning she is really excited to see them which in our books speaks for itself. For a shy child to run into someones arms gives us reassurance we picked the right centre. Thank you from the bottom of ours hearts for all the hard work :)
Sinclair Family

 I would like to thank all staff in the centre for their good work with kids.special thanks to Miss Luana,who understood me as a parent and helped to remove my fears and doubts about Shreya in the early days when she started the play school .keep up the good work.
Prakash Family

Our heartfelt thanks to Ms Luana and Ms Jody and all the helpers in the Koalas Room for  caring for our Marcus.  After a quiet start, he enjoys going to childcare now and we know its because  he feels comfortable and has fun. Everyday he is talking so much more especially after a day at 'Croft'.  Thank you again for your continued friendly and personalised care of our Marcus, we really appreciate it!
Sta-Maria Family

The Amazing Women at The Croft.  I stepped into their world just once the other day and what I witnessed I am yet to bring myself to say from  the tsunami of snotty noses and faces to the toys and crayons in all the wrong places, the patience, love and understanding that you all possess Is a feat worthy of high praise I do confess to look after our Josh man the way that you do even with all the mishaps in training and undies with poo, from muffins to scrolls Joshie eats everything on his plate then comes home and asks for more of the things we can’t create. I have business lunches from Aria to Quay and The Rock Pool yet Joshie still eats better than I just at pre school.  To the naughty ladies who give him pretty boy hair, I know he loves it, but to a macho dad this is just not fair! From ponytails, dress ups and the occasional bag at home he wants the same from me which just means I’m in Drag!  We owe you the world and trust you with our little man well except for some days his shoes contain a stockpile of sand. We can overlook this because he loves to sweep it in the pit and is so independent because “Doshie dooo it“
Mckibbin Family

Thank you for making us feel so welcome and looking after Alanah so well. She has settled so well there and enjoys it. Lots of thanks,
White Family

My acknowledgment will go out to all the ladies there but I know how much Talia loves Vanessa and Luana.  To this day when we drive past the Day Care she always waves and says Hi Luana :)))  Thank you to all the ladies for their hard work on our children as us parents unfortunately can not be there full time due to work commitments.  Hats off to all of them for moulding our babies into beautiful human beings.
Dogan Family

 Where do I start with words of acknowledgement and thanks?! Your girls are fantastic! I've never had a problem with sending Phoebe to daycare, she loves it, and so do I! One week off and she's asking for Luana and Jodi... And was very excited when we mentioned 'school' to her over dinner last night!

The girls can do no wrong, they're clear with all communication, they listen to instructions if any, and they're all an absolute pleasure to deal with, always with a smile on their faces. I do hope they never feel unappreciated for what they do as it's a hard job that doesn't pay nearly what it's worth. I take my hat off to them all :) To Malina & all the staff at the Riverstone Children's Centre, just like to say a big thank you to everyone one for all the effort and energy that has gone into teaching Emily over the passed 3 years especially with Emily being our first child, through out our time at the centre the communication between myself and the staff has been wonderful they are always going out of their way to provide me with feed back on how Emily's day has been which makes us feel extremely grateful for the professional management and values each of your staff have and do, it makes our life so much easier knowing Emily is in good hands and loves every minute of being in your care Thank you. Rebecca

HI Perfect mix of Care and Control in the care of my baby. Excellent feedback of my daughter’s learning through professionally produced and high quality electronic portfolio. Very impressed! Thanks Claire

We have two boys that have attended Riverstone Children's Centre since they were both about 6 months of age right through to school age. Most importantly the staff are fantastic, and we have always felt so comfortable knowing they would look after our boys like their own. It is always a good sign when kids don't want to leave to go home after a day at daycare! The facilities at the centre are great, and there is always something new and interesting happening for the kids, right through from the baby room to preparing for school. I would highly recommend the centre to anyone, they are exceptionally professional, very friendly and we are so happy to have chosen to send the boys there. It is like another home away from home for them! Thanks Jackie and Stu

Thank you for the care and support you have given us whilst we have been with you. I think I have needed more support settling the children in to care than I thought. Your team made the transition easy for all of us . It has been great to leave my children with a passionate and caring team of professionals who have become not only my child’s carers and educators but they are now our friends. Jess, Ava and Ella

Ready for School ??? ABSOLUTELY !!! Emily can’t wait. Thank you to a great team for the learning opportunities Emily has had whilst at the centre. The fun, the friends and the learning has made this a great place to be in the years before school. Thank you Darren




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