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Family owned since our inauguration in 1995 - Ready 2 Learn is proud to call our growing team of nearly 100 employees, part of our Family. Here at Ready 2 Learn, we want to help you realise your full potential and do what you love every day, which is why we believe the intrinsic value of our Team is the foundation to our high quality education, and care service and ongoing success. Thus, Our Culture has been comprised to celebrate and reward our Team to foster and maintain fulfilling and beneficial workplaces.

Rewarding Hard Work

We support, guide and reward passion, dedication and hard work in a number of ways, whether it’s with our Educator of the Month Scheme, Organisational wide Incentives, Team Events or Additional Resources. At Ready 2 Learn we also understand that it’s the little things we can offer that help our Team be the best they can be. Which is why we offer a purpose built programming room in all of our centres to provide the perfect space, ensuring non-contact programming time.

Providing Continuous Learning Opportunities

We believe you can never stop learning no matter how big or small. We also believe in benefiting our Team by providing access to ongoing mentoring, training and development, state of the art resources and facilities and, regular networking opportunities. Thus, we're proud that our facilities house a training room purpose built to provide adequate space for our Team training needs.  We're also extremely proud to be able to provide financial support for study through our Employee Scholarship Program, which assists with Qualification up skilling.

Celebrating Diversity

Here at Ready 2 Learn we speak a total of 5 languages:  English, French, Hind, Italia, Punjabi

Every year, we celebrate a variety of multicultural days, such as; Harmony Day, Chinese New Year, Holi and Diwali. We believe it is so important to celebrate our cultural diversity as it fosters community participation, inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone.

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